About Us

Trivandrum Gardentech is an exclusive showroom for live decor plants and gardening products opened at the heart of Trivandrum city on 9th August 2017. Its branch opened at the MG Road, Trivandrum on 23rd August 2017. Trivandrum Garden Tech is a one-stop solution for all the gardening related needs across Trivandrum.

To meet the gardening needs of customers across Kerala at the earliest, we decided to take root online before spreading our branches to other places. www.trivandrumgardentech.com offers a wide range of natural indoor Plants, Pots (Ceramic, Terracotta, Plastic and Fancy), Self Watering Pots, Seeds, Bio-Manure, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Glass Bowls, Garden Tools, Grow Bag and other gardening products to enjoy the art of gardening. We help our customers to make gardening easy and fun at an affordable price.

Our mission is to provide natural beauty in our customer’s living room to feel their mind uplifted with positivity and make them closer to nature.


Every life depends on plants, they are the backbone of all life on Earth and the essential resource for human well-being. There is no need to be a gardener, a farmer, or a biologist to know how much we all depend on plants. Each creature owes to the plants for the oxygen that releases during photosynthesis.

Plants can absorb many other gases in addition to carbon dioxide including Benzene, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde. They help eliminate the pollutant gas through their leaves and roots. Most of the leafy Indoor plants are expert at purifying indoor air, keeping the air temperature down and increase humidity.

Plants help to reduce stress and create a good feeling. Working peoples and students are happier when interior landscaping intensify their environment. Greenery makes more comfort with surroundings and makes an office or colleges happier and productive.